"Smells like coffee with hints of sweetness"

This stuff is bomb. It first smells like coffee but that goes away after a while. Then it smells like something fruity. It's not overpowering or too strong. I use the Hair Butter Soufflé while twisting and after I wash and condition my hair. My hair is so super soft and more moisturized now. I love this stuff and am a lifelong customer.


"....New Favorite Product"

My twistout has been POPPIN all week thanks to CajoSe Natural's hypo butter. LOVE the consistency, how it makes my hair feel, and how it looks when I take the twist out. I also LOVE Tweedle Oops AND the beard products for men. Not only does everything smell DELICIOUS, it also works really well. Definitely my new favorite product!


"Amazing sealant...."

This has become on of my favorite butters for my hair. It's not a moisturizer because there is no water in it BUT it seals the moisture in. My hair is usually so dry and brittle in the winter because of where I live. I've noticed a drastic change in the feel and overall look of my hair since I started using this butter. 



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