"Just 2 days of light is softer and not as dry"

I have learned something in just a couple of days using this product.  My hair tends to be dry, and I live in a very dry place.  I wasn't using anything, not that I'm aware of, to seal in the moisturizer I've been using.  Just in two days of light use, my hair feels softer and doesn't seem as dry.  I'm excited to see how my hair feels as I work on better moisture and conditioning using CaJoSe as the sealant!  



"It looks and smells wonderful.
A little goes a long way."

I was ashamed to admit that I wasn't using anything to seal my hair. I've noticed a difference, my hair is more manageable now. 

I had to think back. I did try sealing my hair before but with grease and it did not work well. Your NoPo works wonderful, it's not greasy at all. My curls are moist throughout the day and I can really tell the difference. I was missing this important step in my regimen.




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